Each part of your body needs care and prevention, for this reason you don't disregard anything, neither your feet.
You shouldn't undervalue nuisances and pains you can feel in this part of your boy. They can easily be healed by minimally invasive and painless therapies. Our work tools are sterilized with autoclave so as to ensure the maximum hygiene.
There are two different kinds of pedicure: aesthetic and curative. The choice of doing one or the other is based on personal issues.
Aesthetic: nails and cuticles cutting, nail filing, traditional or semi permanent nail polish application, specific creams application with massage.
Curative: removal of corns, thickening of the heel, ingrown toenails and calluses. These proceedings aim to donate beauty and wellness to your feet, so that walking and wearing shoes will no longer be a problem.
The "Poltrona SPA Pedicure Deluxe" has three back massages and a jet tub for your feet. It gives you a greater relax during the treatment.

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