The tension are nothing more than the physical expression of an internal suffering, the body becomes a book on which is written everything we wanted to do or say, but we have not done or said. In fact, besides the usual traditional techniques, we suggest the tensioriflessogeno massage that only a few beauty centers are able to offer. The massage therapist is able to remove the tensions with the tensioriflessogeno massage: it is useful for disorders related to a malfunction. The blood carries the content of our thoughts, which is then recorded on the whole body in the form of blemishes if they are negative thoughts. If they're positive thoughts instead face and physical features are relaxed. Foot reflexology is a manual simple technique, but very effective, with the aim to restore or maintain health status. We make an accurate analysis of the body following the laws of "5 elements", of "TAO" and of the micromassage. In the end the analysis results are verified and studied according to Lucia Torri Cianci 's method, which is valid for more than 40 years. Each of our physical or mental disorders is associated with a feeling denied or repressed. Reflexology is, therefore, a discipline that identifies a status of "energy" of our internal organs and gives balance to the whole body, using manual techniques and specific products apply directly on the body. The massage therapist's task is to interpret the information collected from the foot, translating it using simple terms to the customer, so that this can became aware of his somatization and improve his physical and mental state, with the help of massages.

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